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Et helhetlig perspektiv på AI-utvikling

Read the inspiring story of Naya’s origin through the eyes of our Co-Founder and CEO, Eirin Fossberg, as she reflects on the pivotal moments that shaped her vision for the organization.

Eirin Fossberg
Our Founder’s Vision for Naya

What drives an investor to wholeheartedly support a startup? Federico Lozano opens up about his emotional journey with Naya and the profound lessons learned along the way.

Federico Lozano
Insights from Our Investor

Uncover the untold stories of perseverance and change within the lives of our employees from Bindal Slum, as they reflect on the shifts in their lives since joining Naya.

Naya India
Voices from Bindal Slum

Discover Naya's standout performance at Student Investor Day 2023

Naya Norway
Naya Triumphs at Student Investor Day 2023

Innovation Norway's grant of NOK 1 million to Naya underscores the startup's commitment to pioneering solutions with commercial viability and innovation.

Naya Norway
Naya Receives NOK 1M Grant from Innovation Norway

Explore how VG's recent article by our very own Mille Isaksen has brought attention to the ethical dimensions of the data processing industry, with a special focus on Naya's proactive stance.

Naya Norway
Naya's Mission Featured in VG: A Call for Ethical Tech

Dive into NRK P1's interview with NAYA, exploring the startup's efforts to promote ethical practices and positive change within the machine-learning value chain.

Naya Norway
NRK P1 Interviews Naya

Explore how INN University showcases Eirin Fossberg's entrepreneurial path with Naya.

Naya Norway
INN University Spotlights Naya's Founder, Eirin Fossberg
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