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On July 3rd, 2023, VG released an article on ChatGPT’s Dark Side under their Youth Opinions column. In the article, our very own Mille Isaksen, touches on the problematic sides of the data preparation industry.

“We all love to talk about sustainability but tend to forget the social dimension. This is unfortunately also true for the tech industry. I argue that we need to open our eyes to the unethical and inhumane conditions for workers in some parts of the data-processing industry”

She refers to the much-discussed Time Magazine article that revealed sweatshop-like conditions for third-party workers hired by Facebook.

“As end-users, we should know what’s behind the technology we use every day. In the examples described in my essay, workers consume hours of violent and gruesome content, for 1-2 USD per hour, ultimately causing PTSD and reinforcing unjust systematic structures. The result is that while Western technology users benefit from exciting products such as ChatGPT, workers in the Global South suffer”

Naya constantly works to fight these unsustainable and inhumane practices. In fact, this is at the core of operations. Our Co-Founder and COO, Victoria Jenserud, explains:

“Technology, machine learning, is too important to set the ethical standards this low. NAYA also knows that proper conditions for our operational colleagues result in higher quality output for the customers. We highly encourage all companies to be conscious of their supply chains, and to choose providers working for a positive change, such as NAYA”

By using Naya for your annotation tasks, you join in fighting this issue and creating a global technological development we can all be proud of. NAYA will continue to push this issue on the agenda, and we are happy to see this issue gaining traction.

Read the essay in VG HERE.



Naya's Mission Featured in VG: A Call for Ethical Tech

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