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We are thrilled to announce that Naya has secured NOK 1,000,000 in funding from Innovation Norway. As a Norwegian startup specializing in high-quality image labeling, with operations in Dehradun, India, and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway, this grant marks a significant milestone in our journey.

The funding, awarded as part of the STUD-ENT awards round of 2023, underscores Naya's commitment to innovation and social impact. Key qualifying criteria included the following:

Innovative Concept: The project must introduce a novel idea or solution to the market, showcasing originality and creativity in its approach.

Established Market Acceptance: There should be documented evidence of acceptance and demand for the project within its target market, indicating a clear understanding of customer needs and preferences.

Significant Growth Potential: The project must demonstrate considerable potential for growth and scalability, positioning it as a promising venture for long-term success and expansion.

With this support from Innovation Norway, Naya is poised to expand its operations, capitalize on existing momentum, and further its enduring social impact in our operational locations. Eirin Fossberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Naya, expressed gratitude for the validating support, emphasizing the company's commitment to social ventures:

"We are deeply grateful for the validating support from Innovation Norway, and we value their role in demonstrating that a successful commercial business can prioritize social impact as its primary goal."

Read more at Innovation Norway’s page HERE



Naya Receives NOK 1M Grant from Innovation Norway

Naya Norway
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