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On behalf of Naya, Mille Isaksen, was invited by NRK P1 for a live segment to discuss the shadow side of AI, following the article VG published on ChatGPT’s Dark Side.

Isaksen elaborated on the inhumane conditions many workers in the machine-learning value chain endure to radio-host Mathias Nylenna. Also invited to the segment was NRKs Africa-Correspondent, Vegard Tjørhom, who substantiated Isaksen’s claims.

“These are workers being paid 1-2 USD to filter images of murders, executions, and other gruesome content. They have few rights and many develop PTSD. We see a development where workers and allies fight against this” says Tjørhom in the segment.

When asked what she hopes her essay will contribute to, Isaksen Lillemoen refers to more conscious consumption of technology, and for companies to choose ethical suppliers such as NAYA.

“Technology is not neutral, we actively choose what values we build this industry on, and I argue that there is a better way to conduct data processing. That is what the startup I work in, NAYA, directly aims to accomplish”

The segment ends with Nylenna concluding that Isaksen Lillemoen via NAYA is doing something with this key issue.

Listen to the segment HERE



NRK P1 Interviews Naya

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