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Voices from Bindal Slum

What follows is a combined narrative, based on the voices of our employees, who have given their consent for the disclosure of their experiences.

Life in Bindal Slum

Life in Bindal Slum is a daily struggle, marked by challenging living conditions and a pervasive sense of uncertainty. As residents of this community, we witness firsthand the harsh realities that accompany life in the slums.

In recent years, the environment here has deteriorated significantly. Economic desperation has driven some to resort to crime, including robbery, drug trafficking, and even violence. Alcohol abuse exacerbates these issues, contributing to a sense of danger and insecurity that permeates the area.

Tragically, our children are especially vulnerable to these negative influences, often falling prey to drugs at a young age. Despite our best efforts, support from local authorities and government initiatives remains scarce. Community programs, once hopeful endeavors, now seem to have faltered, leaving us to navigate these challenges largely on our own.

Within our community, divisions persist, fueled by caste discrimination and a lack of mutual understanding. Jealousy, greed, and animosity are all too common, hindering any sense of collective progress or support. Instead of celebrating each other's successes, we often find ourselves locked in a cycle of envy and competition, tearing down rather than building up.

Life @ Naya

Before finding a home at NAYA, my fellow team members and I had a different chapter in our lives, one filled with challenges and resilience. Our journey from the roles we held before to becoming an integral part of NAYA has been a powerful transformation. In our previous jobs, we dedicated our time to the homes of others. Our responsibilities ranged from cleaning to washing utensils and assisting with various household chores. Balancing tasks across 4-5 houses meant making multiple visits to each, ensuring every aspect was taken care of. The demanding nature of our work often led to moments of stress, and occasionally, we found ourselves facing scolding for various reasons.

Our typical workday started with 4-5 hours in the morning, followed by returning home to manage our own households, including cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes. Despite the demanding schedule, we would then head out again to clean more homes. During times when household work was not enough, we found alternative ways to sustain our families. Sometimes we have to take on the tiering and challenging task of collecting garbage from various streets.

Financially, our previous jobs also posed significant challenges. Earning very less, we had to navigate budgeting complexities, ensuring every rupee was carefully utilized to make ends meet.

Joining NAYA has been like finding a new family and a chance to learn and grow. It's not just a job; it's about being part of something bigger and positive in our community. At NAYA, we get to learn and improve ourselves every day. The office is a safe place where we can focus on our work and personal development without any worries. We never even thought we would learn to use a computer, let alone work with technology. NAYA has given us the chance to adapt and embrace new skills, opening doors we never imagined.

What's even more comforting is that we know our families are taken care of. This support allows us to concentrate on our work, knowing that our loved ones are okay. And beyond this, being part of NAYA means contributing to projects that make our community better. The friendship and support in our NAYA family make our journey even more special.



Voices from Bindal Slum

Naya India
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