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NAYA awarded NOK 1M from Innovation Norway

Trondheim, 18.april 2023 - NAYA is pleased to announce that NAYA has received NOK one million in funding from Innovation Norway. NAYA is a Norwegian company that offers high-quality human image labeling with operations in Dehradun, India and HQ in Trondheim, Norway.

NAYA received the funding as a part of the STUD-ENT awards round of 2023. Qualifying critereas include:

  • The project offers something completely new to its market

  • Documentet market accept

  • The company has a large growth-potential

  • The project has a significant social impact

The funding from Innovation Norway will help NAYA expand its business, utilize its current momentum and continue to make a lasting social impact in our operative locations.

“We are very grateful for the validating support from Innovation Norway, and appreciate their support in proving that a successful commercial business can have social impact as their main goal" - Co-Founder and CEO of NAYA, Eirin Fossberg.

NAYA's unique business model combines both commercial and social value, while also building technical infrastructure and making AI-technology available for more Norwegian players. The result is added value to Norway and communities all over the world.

For further information, please contact

Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen

Bussiness Strategist

+47 90 77 46 61

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