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CleenerGreen contracts NAYA to ensure high-quality machine learning

Trondheim, Norway - September 12, 2023

The clean-tech startup CleanerGreen is in the middle of developing the third prototype of its autonomous waste-collecting robot. In order to produce a premium machine learning algorithm to train its computer vision, CleanerGreen has contracted NAYA, supplier of high-quality annotation services.

“We need to ensure that the dataset we train our computer vision model in is of premium quality – this is a key factor in developing the best robot possible. We met NAYA through the innovation community in Trondheim, and when we learned about their strong social impact in India, it was clear that both organizations have a vivid passion for sustainability” says Kristoffer Norli, CEO of CleanerGreen.

Using advanced sensor- and autonomy technology, the robot “sees” waste lying around it, and proceeds to collect the trash. The result is a less polluted environment, without humans being a part of the operation.

“Our vision is to leverage the intersection of innovation and green technology, to produce and distribute robots that keep our communities clean. The scale needed to protect the environment is immense, that’s why we know that autonomous devices have to be a part of the solutions. Humans can’t do it all on their own!” Norli explains.

The environmentally sustainable value of CleanerGreen is apparent. With its new supplier of data processing, NAYA, the company invests in another sustainability dimension - the social one.

“Technology is amazing, but it needs to be ethical. When we found out we could combat the usually unethical standard of outsourced data annotation while still ensuring premium data quality through NAYA, we wanted to support their cause of empowering women from slum areas” Norli elaborates.

NAYA is a social impact startup that combines social sustainability and AI development by employing women from Indian slum areas. With almost 10 employees in the city of Dehradun, CleanerGreen is investing in an employer that offers dignified work, proper pay, and an opportunity to break out of generational poverty.

“We believe we produce a high-quality product because we put social values first” COO and Co-Founder Victoria Jenserud argue. She continues.

“CleanerGreen is the perfect case for NAYA. My Co-Founder Eirin Fossberg and I are in our operational offices in India now, witnessing firsthand how engaged, focused, and motivated our Annotators are, when working on CleanerGreen’s data. This is a great example of the environmental and social sustainability dimensions aligning through technology and human efforts.”

For further information, please contact

Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen

Business Strategist

+47 90 77 46 61

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