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Our Mission

We believe that each individual has great potential. We believe in equal opportunities.

Through empowerment and employment, we are enabling underprivileged females to work with technology.

Our Story

Our journey began in November 2017 when we visited the slums in India for the very first time. Getting to know the people there and seeing their lack of opportunities, created a desire for change. We decided to engage in the fight against injustice and poverty, so we created NAYA.

NAYA = नया = NEW

Our goal is to facilitate good workspaces, in India among other places, so that people can step out of poverty. We want to inspire and educate people in India so that they can seize their opportunities.  Our ambition is to establish creative workspaces where people can come together to work, learn and evolve, under good circumstances. By providing jobs for the unemployed, we hope to contribute to a modern and united future. 

Do you want to join the journey?

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