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Summer Intern 2023 - Meet Ahmad!

Boston USA, 1. July 2023 - NAYA welcomes Business Developer Intern Ahmad Beydoun for the summer of 2023. Ahmad was introduced to NAYA via our Project Manager Nora Antonsen, who is currently pursuing a summer program at Boston University.

"I was captivated by NAYA for multiple reasons. Nora personified the spirit of NAYA with her friendly yet professional demeanor, and I instantly felt welcome. However, what truly captured my interest is NAYA's vision of creating a world where individuals can reach their full potential. I firmly believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities for success and personal growth, irrespective of their background or circumstances” Ahmad explains.

Facts about Ahmad Beydoun

  • From Lebanon

  • Computer Engineering student at Boston University, minoring in Business Administration and Management, as well as Technology Innovation.

  • Previous Intern with PwC Middle East. Conducted data analysis, performed risk assessments, and contributed to the development of risk management strategies. A former Software Developer Intern at Ja-Square, working on RESTful API development and collaborating with cross-functional teams.

  • Fluent in Arabic, English, French, almost Spanish and is currently working on his Norwegian

Ahmad will focus on market analysis and business development for NAYA this summer, and he looks forward to putting his academic learning to the test.

“Usually in classes, everything we do is theoretical, we learn what different business models look like and what they are supposed to produce. I am excited to bring my academic knowledge into the real world with NAYA. Since it is a relatively new startup, my work can also impact the future of NAYA, and I am excited to see the company grow” says Ahmad.

When asked why he is the perfect fit to the existing team in Norway, Ahmad highlights his interdisciplinary background.

“When considering what sets me apart from the existing team in Norway, one noticeable distinction is that I bring a diverse perspective as a non-Norwegian. But what really makes me a great fit for the team is my background in Computer Engineering and my minor in Business. Having expertise in both areas allows me to bring a special mix of technical know-how and business smarts to the table”.

Besides his work for NAYA, Ahmad aims to make the most of the American summer.

“I might travel around the US this summer. Really excited for the weather to get better so I can go to the beach and tan a bit!”

Image Credit: Boston University

For further information, please contact

Mille Marie Isaksen Lillemoen

Business Strategist

+47 90 77 46 61

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