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A world where reaching your full potential is the norm

Our Vision

Our Vision

A World Where Reaching
Your Full Potential is the Norm


Of The World’s Urban Population Live in Slum Areas


Of The Families Living in Slum Provides For More Than 4 Children


Of Children From Slums Never Get Enrolled To Primary Education

We Strive for A World...

Where gender does not dictate destiny, where every individual is empowered to seek their potential. No one deserves to suffer the threat of forced marriage, seclusion, abuse, or exploitation.

Our employees in Dehradun, India serve as living examples of what is possible when individuals are given opportunities for growth and development. Witnessing their progress from being denied education, to contributing their talents and dedication at Naya, fosters hope for a brighter future for young women - everywhere.

Our Mission

Accelerating Dignified Employment Worldwide

Our Mission

Accelerating Dignified Employment Worldwide

Through People and Technology

On purpose, our mission is centered around our people - not our services. Accelerating dignified employment, and lifting our employees out of poverty, is our core mission.

Our approach emphasizes the development of both people and technology, acknowledging the fundamental importance of technology in driving our initiatives.

It is our firm belief that education, employment, and economic empowerment serve as the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, violence, and oppression.

Our Initiatives

Direct Impact Through Naya Initiatives

Naya Child Care

Naya recognizes the challenges of juggling work and family, which is why we offer child care services. This allows our employees to work with peace of mind, knowing their children are well cared for in a safe environment. By supporting our team members' personal and professional needs, we're investing in a brighter future for all generations.

Naya Education

Naya understands the importance of continuous learning and development, particularly for our employees. We offer education opportunities that emphasize English proficiency, computer skills, and social studies. By investing in their learning, we empower our employees to advance their careers and pursue their ambitions, creating a ripple effect of positive change within our organization and beyond.

Naya Well-Being

At Naya, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees. We provide reliable transportation services to ensure they arrive safely at work and return home. Additionally, we offer nutritious meals to fuel our team members throughout the day, promoting their health and productivity.

Step into our world and discover the impact of our stories, in the intersection of technology and compassion.

Our Stories

Read Our Stories and Understand our Impact

Our Stories

Voices from Bindal Slum

Uncover the untold stories of perseverance and change within the lives of our employees from Bindal Slum, as they reflect on the shifts in their lives since joining Naya.

Our Stories

Our Founder’s Vision
for Naya

Read the inspiring story of Naya’s origin through the eyes of our Co-Founder and CEO, Eirin Fossberg, as she reflects on the pivotal moments that shaped her vision for the organization.

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