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Our Founders

Our co-founders’ shared passion for helping others allowed them to connect at NTNUs School of Entrepreneurship.  

Victoria Jenserud
COO & Co-Founder
+47 40 61 64 38
Eirin Fossberg
CEO & Co-Founder
+47 93 09 34 51
Nora Antonsen
CPO & Co-Founder
+47 90 84 21 08

Operating from both Trondheim and Oslo, our team specializes in data technology, machine learning model training, project structuring, and data science.

Team Norway

Technical Expertise

We have experience in the entire pipeline; from collection and labeling to modelling and deploying. We believe this is required for understanding and executing a project and maintaining efficient communication with you as a customer. 

Team India

With their comprehensive training, our labelers are known for their precision, patience and a remarkable ability to remain focused.

Team India


Our administration in India is characterized by value-driven leadership principles from Norway integrated with local Indian governance and technical expertise.

Team India

Leaders & Administration
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