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Data Annotation
Made Ethical 

Unlocking Oppurtunities for All

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Our Services

Labeling Services for All Your Needs

At Naya, we recognize the critical role of high-quality data labeling in the development and sucess of artificial intelligence (AI) models.

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Our Services

Solve Your Data Labeling and Annotation Needs

Our Services

Security, efficiency and reliability.

Let us handle your annotation tasks, ensuring data safety and top-quality processing, while you contribute to lasting social impact.

There's a lot of logistics involved in labeling, which can be distracting due to the ad-hoc nature. There are also challenges with finding vendors who can provide Norwegian specific services. We think Naya tackled this well. 

Liushifeng Chen,

Data Scientist,

It is not often that one comes across a social enterprise that has so much potential on both the social  impact side and the business growth perspective.  NAYA’s business model fulfills these two objectives  seamlessly and has quickly built its quality team of image labelers in India.

Federico Lozano

Reviewing 6000 images would have been stressful, but it was such a relief knowing that Naya took the time to go through them and remove duplicates. It brought a sense of security. Their quality control is impeccable.

Cleaner Green

Our Services

Efficient and quality - ensured results

Our process is designed to be efficient, secure, and tailored specifically to meet your unique needs, ensuring quality at every step.

Sample data upload

We sign a sample-NDA, you upload sample data + fill out instruction form

Receive offer and sign

Within 24h of sample data upload​. Non-binding

Full data upload

Upload full dataset to our platform

Data processing

By our competent and motivated Indian co-workers

Receive processed data

We sign a sample-NDA, you upload sample data + fill out instruction form

Our Services

A World Where Reaching Your Full Potential is The Norm

We Care

We Create

We Commit

Our Mission

Accelerating dignified employment worldwide

We create direct impact through employment and Naya Initiatives. 

Our Services

We Create Impact Through Naya Initiatives

At Naya, we understand that true change in someone’s life requires more than just working for salaries. It is about fostering opportunities for growth, empowerment, and continuous learning.

Our Stories

Voices from Bindal Slum

Uncover the untold stories of perseverance and change within the lives of our employees from Bindal Slum, as they reflect on the shifts in their lives since joining Naya.

Our Stories

Our Founder’s Vision
for Naya

Read the inspiring story of Naya’s origin through the eyes of our Co-Founder and CEO, Eirin Fossberg, as she reflects on the pivotal moments that shaped her vision for the organization.

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